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Цели события:
S7 Airlines wanted to create awareness for the fact that they, together with their partners, fly to 900+ destinations worldwide. Instead of using dry ‘destination promotions’ they wanted to remind people of the wonder of flight. And also show that S7 Airlines is a technology leader and innovator.

Описание креативной идеи проекта:
How can we inspire S7 Airlines target group, people that travel for business or leisure and like flying with a large and cutting edge airline, to rediscover the world? To dream. Our amazing planet likely has a place that matches your dreams. And it’s just one flight away. All you need is an airline to get you there…
Introducing The Imagination Machine, an installation that allows you to fly to your dream destination, using only the power of your imagination.
EEG-technology turned brains into game controllers – participants had 45-seconds to maneuver a small plane to their dream destination — using the power of their mind. Participants who remained focused on their destination were awarded a plane ticket.
The Imagination Machine event was held in busy Moscow’s Afimall City mall. Over 250 people took part throughout the day. In the end, 49 people won the ticket to their dream destination.
The installation made our insight tangible, the film created reach.

Несколько слов о событии:
The Imagination Machine – an innovative installation that allows people to control a virtual plane using only the power of their imagination.

Целевая аудитория:
The target audience was a wide range of visitors over 18 years old — demanding Russian travellers who regularly fly for business or leisure and who gravitate towards full-service airlines.

Количество гостей мероприятия:
Over 250 people took part throughout the day. In the end, 49 people won the tickets to their dream destination but The Imagination Machine leaves everyone thinking about the place of their dreams and an airline that can take them there.

Количество привлеченных служб и подрядчиков:
Creative Director: Mark Bernath & Eric Quennoy; Daniel Schaefer & Szymon Rose – Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam. Direction: Kelsie Van Deman – Head of Interactive Production, Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam. Copywriter: Evgeny Primachenko – Copywriter, Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam. Designer: Vasco Vicente – Art Director, Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam. Producer: Matt Cottam, Paul Skinner, Ivor Williams, Charlie Ledbetter — Tellart. Technical director: Christian Ervin, Zaza Zuilhof, Pierluigi Dalla Rosa, Kuan-Ju Wu – Tellart. Technical supplier: Evgeniy Davydov — Neumann&Mueller GmbH & Co. KG

Каналы и медиа-инструменты освещения события и описание результатов:
Journalists and celebrities were the first to try The Imagination Machine. Social media quickly spread the word and lured people to the mall. Event invitations were handed out by hostesses in S7 Airlines’ flight uniform, and also were shown on the digital screens across the mall. A photo of each participant was shared via S7 Airlines’ Facebook page. The event film was shared via S7 Airlines’ social channels inspiring a broader audience and strengthening the campaign message.

Применяемые технологии и спецэффекты:
The EEG-headset took the data from the users brain and specially developed algorithms interpreted the participants level of focus from their brainwave data to translate it into the flight path on the 2-meter projection mapped globe in real time. The more focused the brainwave data told us that participants were, then the closer the virtual plane would stay to the ideal flight path. If the data told us the participant was distracted, then the plane would veer away from the ideal path.

Достигнутые эффективные показатели:
— Over 250 participants in one day. 49 winners.
— The event was covered by leading media around the world, achieving 82+ million views in the 1st week.
— The event film received 1.3+million views in the 1st week.
— 4.500+ new Loyalty program members on the event day.
— Bookings increased with 20%.

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